Best & Simple Hairstyles For Women 2015-2016

The best and simple hairstyles for some of the long hair that I am just about to share with you will just not take more than just around20 minutes of the anyone’s very precious time but will also help to score the some major style points and also help you style the long hair like pro. So are you just ready to experiment with the couple of interesting and also new hairstyles for the locks? Then you can just absolutely give the hairstyles for long hair shot.

Best & Simple Hairstyles For Women 2014-2015

Simple braid style is amazing, stylish and cute. Braids are one of my favorite styles. And if you are one of those lucky women whose hair look gorgeous and unbelievably long then you should definitely experiment with the braids starting off with some simple braid. The very best thing about the simple braid is that it is just very convenient, somewhat fun and also just perfect for summer season. This is one of most of the perfect hairstyles for long hair no matter what is the day of the week.

Best & Simple Hairstyles For Women 2014-2015

Fish tail braid is the style that I have always loved. The look of a fishtail simple hairstyles is amazing the longer your hair the more adorable the fishtail braid will turn out to be. I know that it looks very confusing but believe me all it takes is little practice. simple hairstyles by just dividing your hair into two portions. Pull some thin strand of hair from outer section of the first part can either be left or right depending on which you are more comfortable with and pull it over first part and add it under second section on other side. In other words the strand of hair goes over first section and then finishes under second section. Then do same on other side and keep alternating this process until you see the fishtail form. Remember that thinner the strand the more intricate the braid will be. You can make it as neat or just as messy as you would like. Personally I prefer the latter. Take a look at some tutorial on internet. It is super easy to follow and very great.

French braid is a braid which looks stunning. There is no braid which is quite as mesmerizing as humble simple hairstyles and that is what makes it one of best hairstyles for the long hair. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot create French braid your own hair. They are just lying. If you are just bored of some regular French braid then you can always try weaving ribbon into the braid.