Alkaram Studio Collection Winter 2015-2016

 The Alkaram group was launched in Pakistan on March 1986 with a revelation to be a supplier of innovative fabric solutions universal. They are a manufacturers and supplier of memorable fabric for clothes, home and industrialized markets with customers all over the globe.

Latest characteristic designs of Al Karam glorious studio that contains some well-known works to make your eyes enthralled and heart thumping. The AlKaram Group of corporation started as a pioneer in the fabric industry of Pakistan and has since extended into numerous other industries. The group also encompasses salt, cork, and dairy industries, and others.

Alkaram Studio Collection 2015

Alkaram Studio Information

The newest characteristic designs of Alkaram studio that covers some protuberant works to make your eyes engrossed and heart thrashing. Al Karam studio brings particularly stylish garments lawns. Alkaram group has the most fashionable design for the grounds that Al Karam has faith in what you garments, it textile.

Al-Karam has made us haughtiness among the realm all approximately because of its exceptional piece of clothes for women that tolerate their real attractiveness. And the type of textile and fabric used is also of much elevated quality and has advertised place. It gives newest trends and method keeping in mind the flavor and culture of the public very customary. Every design and print they manufacture is a master section. It is in particular famous for its anthology for women and engraves.

Alkaram Studio Collection 2015

So, Al-Karam has made it a great deal easier by introducing light and bold turf in diverse color grouping and prints of eye-catching digital outline. These prints and intend have followed up the original and astonishing trends of the existing fashion styles and appear. Its Collection is about to be on the rampage in the winter season so the precedence of the females would be warm clothes and this kind of textile which might make them feels at ease.

 These warm  lawn dresses have been given a fashionable look this chill to make your qualities exceptional. It has given an alternative in assortment and designs and textile so that one may not just gaze the same as a person look in standard routine life with curious garments. Al-Karam has previously displayed the stunning outfitsfor women.

Alkaram Studio Collection 2015

We are pleased to put onward the collection with astonishing lawn prints and designs. The dresses has been commenced by Al-Karam. It is one of the nearly all branded and well-known collection which has given Al-Karam a well thought-of place in the female sympathy for unique designs and garments.

Its big compilation has introduces.

  • Silk outfits
  •  Trenica Satin outfit in silk
  •  Two Piece couture Collection
  •   Lawn fabrics clothing
  • Chiffon
  • Digital Silk Lawn Attire
  • Premium Chiffon
  • Lamis silk
  •  Metallic Gold Collection
  •  Normal Lawn
  •  Premium Lawn

The anthology has brought the remarkable gift for every sort of girl and women choice. The lawn consists of Digital print clothes with needlework that you have by no means seen before. The ornamentation and exquisiteness of the wonderful styles could only be seen in Al-Karam winter Collection 2015.

 Alkaram Studio Collection 2015 Alkaram Studio Collection 2015 Alkaram Studio Collection 2015 Alkaram Studio Collection 2015 Alkaram Studio Collection 2015 Alkaram Studio Collection 2015